Grab Bag (work samples)

On this page I am providing samples of a variety of my works. Some of the work shared was written traditionally in for standard ensembles in full score. Other pieces are electronic in nature. The intent behind this page is to show a sample of the different types of composition I produce.

Music for Traditional Ensembles:

Symmetrical Reflections (2008)

This piece was written and scored for a traditional wind band (concert band) - picc/fl/ob/eng horn/3 cl/alto, bass and contrabass cl/2 alto sax/tenor & bari sax/3 tpts/2 horns/2 trom./euph/tuba/timpani/2 mallets/2 perc.

The title comes from the musical idea that inspired the work. The piece is based on melodic ideas from a pitch class set and that set's "reflection" or in musical terms, its inversion.

The recording included was made using the MIDI files and a virtual instrument library.

Tigres & Euphrates (2003)

This piece was written originally as a project for an orchestration class. It is scored for full symphony orchestra (2fl/2ob/2cl/bass cl/basson/4 horns/3tpts/3trom/tuba/timpani/3perc/mallets/harp/piano/strings)

Updated Recording

Coming Soon

Full Score available here for perusal

Full Score available here for perusal


Ninja Boost (2020)

This is a short electronic piece written as a mock movie trailer theme. It is included here as an example of something I might write if hired to do movie or video game music. The title comes from a great tube amp I have where the boost switch was named "Ninja Boost." I always thought it was kind of funny. But, it is a great action movie title ;-)